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Studio Policy


Welcome to our studio!


We are excited to have you join our musical journey !

This studio policy is designed to ensure a harmonious and successful learning experience for all.


We kindly invite parents to take a moment to review this policy. 

It serves as our shared guide, creating a professional and organised learning environment. 

Your cooperation is not only valued but also essential in fostering a positive and enriching experience for everyone involved.


Thank you for being part of our musical community.



Parental support in the child's learning journey.

Parents, kindly attend and quietly observe lessons, feel free to take notes or make recordings for your own use.

We greatly appreciate your vital role in the success of the Suzuki Method. 

It's the parent's responsibility to ensure the daily listening environment—consider setting up a speaker in your child's room, for example. 


The more you integrate listening into your home, the better your child's progress and the more enjoyable the musical journey will be.



Please regularly check the studio notice board, email newsletters, and website for important updates. 

Your attention is greatly appreciated for fostering a positive learning experience for your child!



Piano Lessons

Please arrive a few minutes early for your lesson, well-prepared with all necessary books and materials. Additionally, kindly remind your children to maintain the habit of keeping their nails clipped.

While in the waiting area, students are requested to keep noise to a minimum to avoid disturbing others. 


Siblings are welcome to wait in the studio, engaging in quiet activities like reading or drawing during lessons. Please bring enough materials for them to stay occupied.




Reminder !


Kindly reserve the use of public restroom facilities for emergencies only. Due to heavy frequent use, we've encountered issues, given the number of students we have daily. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated. Thank you! 


Lesson Fee


We kindly request that lesson fees be settled one

Invoices will be sent via text, and you may conveniently pay in cash or through bank transfer.

For holiday lessons, we appreciate payment upon attendance.




It is compulsory in this studio for each family who is learning by the Suzuki Method to join the STEAA (NSW).


Your membership provides many advantages including access to workshops, graduation, a performance at the Sydney Opera House and a quarterly Newsletter.


Membership renewal will be at the beginning of each is compulsory in this studio for each family who is learning by the Suzuki Method to join the STEAA (NSW).


Lesson Cancellations


No credits or refunds are provided for missed lessons.

If you notify us at least 24 hours in advance, makeup lessons may be offered during the term (excluding school holidays and Sundays) and are subject to availability.

However, there is no guaranteed right to one.

Efforts will be made to reschedule conveniently, though availability is not assured.

Thank you for your understanding.


Food and Drink


No food or drink, except for water bottles, is allowed in the studio. Thank you for your cooperation.

Photos and Video

The studio shares student photos and recital video clips on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

If you prefer not to have your child's photos or videos posted, kindly inform the studio in writing. 

Our privacy preferences are important to us.


Thank you,

Itsuko Bara and Bart Kenis

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