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Piano Concert

1. Makito Mizushima          Sonata in G Major, Op.14 No.2, 1st mvt, Allegro / L.van Beethoven 

2. Travis Cai       Sonata in A Major, K.331 (300i), 3rd mvt, Alla turca / W.A. Mozart 

3. Elliot Taylor        Theme, from Symphony No.3 ("Eroica"), Op.55, 4th mvt. / L.van Beethoven

4 .Olivia Cai          Sonatina in C Major, Op.36 No.1, 1st mvt, Allegro / M.Clementi

5. Lizzy Yeeun Cho           Minuet in G Major, from J.S.Bach's Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach / Chr. Petzold


6. Eason Yu          Minuet in G Major, from Klavier Suite in G Minor, BWV 822 / J.S. Bach 

7. Lilian Hughes          Good-bye to Winter / Folk Song

8. Danielle Lai           Cuckoo /  Folk Song

9. Tarik Yang        Twinkle var. A / S. Suzuki 

10. Jacqueline Zhang.          Allegro / Folk Song

11. Alia Sapra.         Lightly Row / Folk Song

12. Chloe Zhang          French Children Song  / Folk Song


13. Vivien Taylor         Chant Arabe / Anon

14 .Max Hu         Good-bye to Winter / Folk Song

15. Anya Sapra.         A short story /  H.Lichner

16. Ryan Yu          Cuckoo / Folk Song

17. Roselyn Yu          A short story /  H.Lichner

18. Kevin Mar          Good-bye to Winter / Folk Song

19. Jeanine Wu          Arietta / W.A. Mozart 

20. Jethro Fox      Minuet in G Major, From J.S.Bach's Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach  / Anonymous


21.Emma Nguyen’s.         Sonatina in G Major, Anh.5, 2nd mvt, Romance / L.van Beethoven

22. Ira Murthy.         Sonatina in C Major, Op.36 No.1, 1st mvt, Allegro. / M.Clementi

23. Joshua Haryanto         Arabesque, Op.100 No.2 / J.F.Burgmuller

24. Charlotte Sadler          By the Limpid Stream,  Op.100 No.7 / J.F.Burgmuller

25. Seika Kubo          Sonatina in C Major, Op.36 No.3, 1st mvt, Spiritoso / M.Clementi

26. Enrique Barahona-Gordillo          Gigue, from Partita in B-flat Major, BWV 825 / J.S. Bach 

27. Annabelle Kwok.         Sonatina in F Major, Anh.5, No.2, 1st mvt, Allegro assai / L.van Beethoven

28.  Lucas Chan          Sonatina in F Major, Anh.5, No. 2, 2nd mvt, Rondo-Allegro / L.van Beethoven

29. Jazlyn Yu          Fur Elise, WoO59 / L.van Beethoven

30. Meg Bezzina      Etude in E Major Op.10, No.3 “Tristesse” / Fr. Chopin

Presentation Certificate

Beethoven composed a total of 32 piano sonatas.

Beethoven, having gone through various periods and personal struggles, significantly developed his piano sonatas in tandem with his emotions and the evolution of the piano. 

Beethoven's Piano Sonata Op. 14, No. 2, is a charming and delightful composition c ompleted in 1799, it showcases Beethoven's early style, blending classical structures with hints of his unique expression.

Mozart's "Alla Turca' is the third movement of  his Piano Sonata No. 11 (K. 331). This sonata is particularly known for Mozart incorporating Turkish elements.  

It features distinctive rhythms and melodies influenced by Turkish music culture. The imitation of Turkish percussion, especially with the piano's right hand, is particularly striking in this movement.


Chopin's music, spanning from "Polonaises" to "Mazurkas," reflects a deep connection to Poland despite his short time there. His identity as the "poet of the piano" was shaped by love for both his homeland and women.


In the broader view, human emotions include joy from fulfilled desires, yet reality often brings unmet wishes and melancholy. In this struggle, art, especially music like Chopin's "Treistesse," emerges as a powerful source of solace with its exceptional and timeless melody.

The "Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook" is a collection of music Johann Sebastian Bach dedicated to his wife, Anna Magdalena Bach. It includes pieces for keyboards, chorales, and educational purposes, showcasing Bach's love for family and commitment to music education during his era.

Did you know?

Bach, known for his dedication to music, was also a coffee lover. He even composed the famous "Coffee Cantata" inspired by Leipzig, where coffee addiction was a notable concern.

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